Living with IBD & IBS

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Elizabeth Roberts lives with IBD and IBS every day. She integrates Reiki, meditation, yoga, and exercise into her daily routine of living with these diseases.

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Roberts regularly speaks on the topic of living with IBD & IBS was featured on the following radio stations: KLPW, St. Louis; Issues Today Radio Network; KCMN, Colorado Springs; WNTN, Boston; WOCA, Gainesville; WIBQ, Sarasota; KCTE, Kansas City; WBT, Charlotte; and, WACK, Rochester.

Roberts is a writer, editor, and public relations professional living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is also a patient advocate for people who are living with IBD and IBS.

Elizabeth holds a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and has worked with celebrities, artists, and political candidates. Her work has been published in both national and international publications.


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"The primary reason I wrote this book is to let other people who are learning to live with IBD or IBS know that there is life beyond the diagnosis," says author, Elizabeth Roberts.

"Learning to live with two chronic illnesses that cause diarrhea, cramping, fatigue, changes in diet, and changes in lifestyle was anything but easy," she explains. I had to find my will to fight, and my sense of humor. I had to realize that my doctors would only be able to help me to a certain degree and that I would have to learn to help myself.

This book is about . . .
. . . Getting past the denial, anger, and humiliation that can accompany a diagnosis of IBD or IBS.
. . . Facing the fears about the physical symptoms of IBD and IBS.
. . . Providing ideas that may help you adjust your lifestyle to living with IBD and IBS.
. . . Helping your family and friends adjust to the new you.
. . . Using alternative “tools” to forge your new life––from altering your diet to homeopathy to practicing Reiki and meditation.
. . . Living positively and fully with a chronic illness like IBD or IBS.  

My struggle has been hard and depressing at times, but it has also taught me more about who I am, what I am made of, and what is important to me than I ever could have imagined B.C. - before colitis, that is.

I am a stronger person today than I was in my B.C. years, and I appreciate every good hour, day, and week that I now have.

Those of us who live with IBD and IBS know that we all have different symptoms, different frustrations, and different ways of coping with these diseases, but my hope for this book, Living with IBD & IBS: A Personal Journey of Success, is that it will inspire everyone who lives with IBD or IBS to take back control of their life and live it as fully as possible.

- Elizabeth Roberts