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Living with IBD & IBS


Author, Elizabeth A. Roberts



www.eatlivelocally.com - details my new 5-month endeavor to become a Natural Foods Chef


You may not think anything about IBD or IBS is funny, until you read Elizabeth Roberts’ account of her emotional roller-coaster ride as she learned to live successfully with these illnesses. After spending most of her honeymoon on St. Barth’s in the bathroom, Elizabeth returned home determined to find out what had happened to her dream life. After months of tests, her doctors told her she had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had to learn to live with these debilitating diseases.


But no one told her how! After she hit bottom, physically and emotionally, Elizabeth decided that to get her life back she would have to find the way herself. This book recounts her journey—sometimes painfully, sometimes humorously—through the process of learning to live successfully with IBD and IBS.


Follow Elizabeth on her journey as she learns to understand the needs of her body; participates in special diets; engages in support groups; and integrates Reiki, yoga, meditation, and exercise into her daily routine of success. If you, a family member, a lover, or a friend have been diagnosed with low sperm count syndrome, this book is a must read. You too can start to live again!


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